Who really are girl's best friend?

by Elena Martin September 21, 2016

Who really are girl's best friend?

Ever had that feeling? You save for what seems like eternity, swerving all of those drinks and dinner invites, punching in all the over-time you can physically squeeze in.  Then finally after what seems like a life time and a half of living on beans on toast, you have that beautiful round sum perched in your savings account, just ready and waiting to be blown in that single 4.5 second transaction on those must-have, dream shoes. You bustle your way to the store mentally planning your entire autumn / winter wardrobe around them.

I waltz into the store with its high ceilings, cushy cream leather seating area, vibrant yet minimalist displays and immaculate carpet (you know a store is serious luxury when it has carpet). My head held high knowing this time, I will actually be able to afford something. As the security guard held the door open I headed over to the shoes… wait, where are they? They’ve gone. Vanished. Completely disappeared. I scoured the store from top to bottom in the hope that maybe they’ve just been redisplayed elsewhere.  But they were to be no more!


In a frenzied gasp I sought out the nearest sales assistant (which wasn’t hard, he had followed me around the shop since I entered ready to be at my assistance.) He told me the shoes in question sold out in weeks and instead recommended the new arrivals. They sat boldly in the exact place the shoes of my dreams once inhabited, but came no way close to giving me that excitement the others did!


I left the store on a huge anti-climax, with a deep knot of disappointment lurking in my stomach –  those late nights spent at the office repeating in my head.  All my hard work and sacrifices had not paid off. I stepped out into the drab grey street, the ice cold air quickly snapped me back into reality and my bubble had been burst… there goes that little piece of luxury I had promised myself.


I dragged my feet heavily up the high street and began scanning the windows for something similar – undoubtedly cheaper. But then I thought, NO! I’ve worked way to hard to go and blow my savings on some cheap, poor quality, fast fashion clothes that will be out of fashion and probably unwearable in a couple of months.


After convincing myself to hold on to my money until I find something worthwhile, I noticed a handful of jewellery shops gently lining the street. The beautiful diamond jewellery beamed from the windows. The golden gleam of First Carat Diamond’s shop sign instantly drew me in as the stunning jewellery left me in awe.


That’s when I had my light bulb moment why not get something to make me feel good forever and stand the test of time, instead of something that will be destroyed by London cruel winters. I should invest in something that will go untethered and stick with me always. What is a girl’s best friend, when life gets her down?... Diamonds! All the songs I heard as a child finally started to make sense.


I’m at a point in my life where most – if not all, of my friends are in relationships, settling down and getting married, often flaunting their stunning rings across the table at coffee. As well as this, I’ve always viewed diamond rings as something someone else gets you as a gift, or imagined having a man shower me in them.


As I stood there admiring the intricate designs of the diamond jewellery through the glass cabinets I realised there would be nothing more rewarding than buying my own diamond ring.  An empowering stand of independence, courage and strength.


The sales assistant sat me down and talked me through the type of diamonds they use, the quality and clarity of each of the hand set stones. We discussed my budget, the styles I loved and the styles I didn’t like so much, as I tried on multiple rings she brought over to me from the cabinets. The only problem was, that I loved every single one!


After finally making a choice, the sales assistant packaged my new ring. I watched as she elegantly hand tied a white ribbon in a beautiful bow at the top of the leather box and placed it into the luxury carry bag complete with silk handles. And finally, she handed it over to my very welcoming hands!


My new ring Serves as a confident reminder that self love and appreciation can be as wonderfully fulfilling and even more special than another's adoration and stands as a stunning signifier of my own personal triumphs every time I look down at it (or happen to catch its reflection as I walk past a shop window)

Buying my own diamond ring is the best thing I’ve ever done, I highly recommend it!


Elena Martin
Elena Martin


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