Everything in life begins with a first.
Your first Love... The butterflies.
Your first perfume. Instantly yours.   
When it comes to carats, we want to be your first…  
Beautiful. Playful. Eternal.


Like a magpie, only a true connoisseur can spot the sparkle of a diamond. The brightest star the earth has gifted man. A carat stands for the weight of a diamond. 100 diamonds can equal a carat and 1 diamond can also be a carat. It is simply the weight of the diamonds, never the size. Be it a beautiful melee or a paperweight every diamond is unique. Treasure it and it will be with you for a lifetime. 
Forever thine. Forever mine. Forever us.
Ludwig van Beethoven


In the beginning, there was white. Light and eternal. The inclusion of all colours and the display of none. A star emits its own light. Gaze at the constellation and then hunt for your own. Capture them selfishly and treasure them forever. We aim to make sure every woman owns her own constellation, because in the end...
All we demanded was our right to twinkle.
Marilyn Monroe


A cut above the rest is something you often hear but rarely experience... A diamond is unique in its strength. So difficult is the process of cutting a diamond that only another worthy opponent, a diamond is up to the job. Every diamond regardless of size takes at least 3 hours to cut by hand. There is no shortcut, there is no machine and there is no other way. By hand and only by hand can a Diamenteer bring out the beauty of every single facet. Different from the lower quality cuts that flood the market, we aim to ensure every melee diamond is as precise as it’s larger counterparts.
Shine Bright Like a Diamond
Robyn Rihanna Fenty


Like a child of the earth, mother nature intended diamonds to have birthmarks... Often so small even a trained expert would find it hard to spot these small tells. When a diamond born 100 million years ago, the ground and pressure it grows in can cause it to have birthmarks in unique locations. It is true that no two diamonds are alike. Like an iris of an eye or a fingerprint. Every birthmark is unique, intended for that stone only. Some choose to hide, we choose to embrace the uniqueness of each individual stone.
Remember my dear, no pressure, no diamonds!
Thomas Carlyle 
Size chart

All our sizing can be adjusted free of charge so there is no problem if you need a chain shortened or a ring size changed. Simply contact us and we will arrange this free of charge.

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